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    Natural. Digital.

    As a competence platform as an well as innovation driver, Lock stands for positioning premium quality solutions. With LOCK SBE, we have created an all-encompassing, digital solution.


    In the field of agriculture, this intelligent, smart system from Lock is a major step into the future – for the benefit of humans, animals and plants. LOCK SBE serves to automate work processes to the greatest possible extent and conveniently control and monitor these from any location using a smartphone or tablet.

    We support and advise you in every step of the way to the digitalisation of your farm. This results in resource-saving farming, significantly reduced effort and, above all, far-reaching economic prospects.


    Traditional. Future-oriented.

    Classic agriculture meets pioneer in digital transformation. This is the challenge of our time. But, with challenge comes opportunity.


    Whether it's expanding your farm, monitoring extreme weather conditions, or most importantly, animal welfare.


    Lock’s path-breaking farm management system is based on many years of experience in the positioning solutions sector. It meets the highest quality standards and offers endless possibilities.



    Modular. Customized. Flexible.

    The building blocks or “bricks” in your current environment include ventilation systems, lighting, ventilators, etc. With their connection to the SBE system, they become SmartBricks and can now be controlled conveniently using the LOCK SBE app on your smartphone or tablet.


    Even though our intelligent system can act independently and make recommendations based on data gathered by the sensors – you decide and make the appropriate settings. And, if you wish, your complete living environment can also be easily integrated into your intelligent digital system.

    Locking system
    Alarm system



    High-quality sensors measure precisely the current ambient conditions – for example, temperature, air humidity, ammonia content, fine dust, carbon dioxide and wind.


    Bricks are your building blocks - for example light, heating, camera, ventilation, etc. They are controlled either manually, fully automatically, or coordinated with each other.


    The smart SBE system is a cross-industry modular solution that can be extended without problems – for example, office or private areas.


    Simple. Intelligent.

    Optimal interaction. The sensors measure the respective current ambient conditions – and the respective actuators immediately initiate the corresponding positioning or make a recommendation.


    You control all these complex processes easily and conveniently with the LOCK SBE app on your smartphone or tablet – wherever you are. In addition, our app provides comprehensive and detailed data reporting. This means you always have your complete barn environment in view and can activate changes.

    Built as a modular system, the LOCK SBE app can be expanded indefinitely as new modules are added. This means, your system is ideally equipped for all future developments.

    Data & Reporting

    • With preset setpoints
    • Historical course of values


    • Remote or local commissioning
    • 24/7 support
    • Optimization


    Clear. Structured.

    Four steps towards the complete solution.

    We support and advise you on getting your smart SBE system ready for use.��


    1. Operational check

    First, we – your Lock experts – carry out a comprehensive operational check and assess the actual state of your farming estate


    2. Project planning

    Based on the determined data, we create a project and cost plan.


    3. Commissioning

    We support you in commissioning and setting up your SBE system. This can be carried out on site or via remote access.


    4. Optimization

    We will remain in contact with you to optimize the SBE system for your business in the best possible way.



    modular. Massgeschneidert.

    Always optimal climatic conditions. This benefits you, your animals as well as the yield.

    Central to this is an effective ventilation system, adjusted to the prevailing ambient conditions, which creates a consistently well-tempered environment and generates the right amount of cooling during warmer months. On the one hand, draughts must be avoided - on the other hand, an optimal air flow rate is imperative to remove moisture to the desired extent and to ensure the lowest possible concentration of pollutants and dust in the barn. Specifically a high ammonia content is known to be a critical factor. It reduces the well-being and endangers the health of humans and animals. Also not to be forgotten is lighting adapted to the environment.

    With LOCK SBE you have a real professional at your side with a constant eye on all factors using sensors - and giving you a detailed overview of the current status. In this respect, you benefit greatly from the on-going exchange of our experts with science and research. The knowledge gained in this process is the decisive basis for a feel-good climate in all respects.


    alles. umfassend.

    Lock has always stood for premium services.


    Our smart SBE system stands for optimized operating sequences, a noticeable efficiency increase as well as a considerably reduced work effort – and above all for improving animal welfare.

    In close cooperation with you, we provide technical support on the way to a resource-saving, future-oriented agriculture!






    Your success is our motivation.

    "With SBE, Lock has created a platform for complete stable management. SBE helps us to save time and work every day. With the humidity sensor, we have been able to manage the problems in the transition period."

    Stefanie Renz
    Direct marketing of saddleback pigs

    "In addition to the winding vents, ridge vents, fans and the cow shower, the feed augers of the concentrated feed system and the submersible agitators in the slurry cellar were also integrated into the SBE Farm Management System. This connection saves us having to deal with 6 different control manufacturers. With SBE, we have everything clearly combined in just one control system and can operate everything via an app."

    Karl Müller
    Dairy farm

    "We built our new barn according to EIP guidelines. In order to reduce emissions, we installed an irrigation system for the walkways. Lock has all the possibilities with SBE to measure the actual situation by means of sensors and to act correctly. We have been able to reduce our daily working time considerably because we have everything in one app - even the smoke detection system and the cameras."

    Hubert Hämmerle
    Dairy farm
    Bad Wurzach

    "In the past, we had some problems with humidity in the barn. By using SBE, I now always have temperature, humidity and wind speeds in view and can rely on the system. As soon as the sensors detect critical values, the ventilation systems are automatically activated, for example. This eases the workload and increases the health of ewes and lambs."

    Jörg Schmid
    Municipal sheepfold


    Our partners for an optimal barn climate.

    EIP Cattle

    European Innovation Partnership - Building in Cattle

    EIP Pig

    European Innovation Partnership - Improving animal welfare and environmental protection in pig farming

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    What does the abbreviation "SBE" mean?


    SMART: SBE is an intelligent system that thinks for itself, acts independently and makes recommendations. Workflows can be automated to the greatest possible extent.

    BRICK: Bricks are your building blocks such as lighting, heating, camera, ventilation etc. 

    ENVIRONMENT: The environment of the system: e.g. the stable building, also extendable to office and/or private areas.

    Why do I need the Lock SBE control?

    The intelligent Lock SBE control system offers you the opportunity to prepare your barn today for the requirements of tomorrow. Making work easier, increasing efficiency and animal welfare are the top priorities here.

    What can be measured with the Lock SBE control?

    Wind speed, wind direction, rain, brightness, temperature outside/inside, humidity, ammonia and carbon dioxide inside can be measured. Other sizes on request.

    Which modules does the Lock SBE control system offer?

    In addition to the control of various ventilation systems (ridge ventilation, VariVent winding ventilation, etc.), it is also possible to control and operate fans, valves for the animal shower, lighting and cameras. Other modules are possible on request (slurry technology, bedding robots, etc.).

    Can I control my lighting via app?

    In principle, it is possible to operate all the lights on your property via the SBE control system using the app. This applies to the lighting in the barn as well as the lighting in the courtyard, i.e. the lighting on the building.

    What requirements do I have to fulfil for the Lock SBE control?

    • The prerequisite is an Internet connection. This allows you to benefit from further development of the control system and remote access for troubleshooting.
    • Another prerequisite is the professional installation of the control system by a specialist.

    Can older barns also be equipped with the Lock SBE control system?

    This is possible in every stable with little effort. Thanks to the modular components, the control system always adapts individually to every need


    Why should older barns also be equipped with a Lock SBE control system?

    By equipping an existing barn with a Lock SBE control system, it is possible to develop it competitively with little effort. Old stables are converted and modernised for more animal welfare. This is where the Lock SBE control system comes into play, which can be integrated into your existing building with little effort. This increases animal welfare, the efficiency of the farm and the simple operation via app facilitates the daily work.

    Can several barns be networked in a Lock SBE control system?

    Yes, there are various possibilities for this. Information and sensor data from several buildings in a company can easily communicate with each other.

    Which terminals can be used to operate the Lock SBE control unit?

    The Lock SBE app can be easily used with both your smartphone and your tablet (iOS and Android). In addition, the user interface can also be used on your computer.

    As a customer, can I make changes to the setting parameters myself?

    The customer can make the appropriate settings for the parameters. In addition, a dependency between the individual parameters can be mapped.

    Which safety certifications does the Lock SBE control fulfil?

    • CE with associated declaration of conformity
    • .
    • CEN/TC 422 Ventilation curtains EN17088:2021
    • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
    • Winding standard DIN EN 17088

    What does THI mean?

    Heat stress is not only fuelled by the outside temperature, but also by the humidity. If the ambient temperature rises and the relative humidity rises at the same time, heat stress also increases. In other words, it's humid and that stresses the body. This stress can be measured with the help of the temperature-humidity index (THI). If the THI rises above a value of 72, cattle begin to suffer from the heat. This is the case, for example, at 23 °C and about 80 percent humidity. However, this value is also achieved when the outside temperature reaches 28 °C but the humidity is only 20 percent. The higher the THI value, the more the animals suffer.

    Why is the THI value important?

    It is important to keep an eye not only on the temperature in the barn but also on the humidity. Humidity can cause similar stress for the animal as temperature.

    Does the Lock SBE control system receive regular updates?

    At Lock, we are constantly working on expanding the possibilities of the controller and adapting it even better to the requirements of the market. We make these updates available to all users. In this way, the control unit is always automatically kept up to date with the latest technology.

    Does a Lock employee need to be on site for a service or adjustment?

    No, remote access means that an adjustment or service can be carried out online. So no one needs to be on site.

    Can the Lock LSR control be integrated into the Lock SBE control?

    No, the Lock SBE control is a separate and independent system.

    Are there monthly running costs for the SBE control system?

    No, you get the control system from us and have no ongoing costs - not even for software updates.



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